Founders and Managing Partners

Jamie Reuben
Reuben Brothers Limited

Jamie Reuben was formerly Chairman of Reuben Brothers Resources, the natural resource and energy platform of Reuben Brothers Group.

He has sat on the boards of numerous companies including Metro Bank, Detroit-based real estate and metals business Metro Warehousing, as well as Arena Racing Company which holds 40% of UK racing fixtures and includes courses such as Royal Windsor and Doncaster. He has also served as the Vice chairman of the Metro Bank Advisory board 2015-2019.

Jamie Reuben is also a real estate investor and developer, primarily in London where he has been instrumental in the redevelopment of entire districts within the West End, in particular Mayfair (including the world-renowned ‘In & Out Club’).

He founded Iconic Hospitality, owner of a portfolio of freehold hotels in London and strategic locations in Europe.

Separately he founded a private equity vehicle, Melbury Capital which specialises in emerging markets such as Mongolia, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Jamie also served as committee Chairman for Mayor Boris Johnson’s successful re-election campaign in 2012 and 2019, and is a treasurer of the Conservative Party.

He is also an active board member of Queens Park Rangers Football Club.

Andrew Danenza

Andrew Danenza has two decades of experience investing across a multitude of sectors and regions, initially working extensively in the financial sector in close collaboration with high-tech public companies and running IPO processes. Having overseen the growth and consolidation of a property and serviced office group in the UK and Europe, Andrew went on to launch a consortium focused on investing in and developing data, telecoms, and infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia as a lead investor, achieving a significant multiple on exit for all stakeholders.

In 2013, Andrew co-founded Melbury Capital which ultimately developed the gold mining build, buy, and operate strategy, leading to the creation of Mongold, a gold mining platform which now has over 700 employees, is the largest tax payer in the region and has delivered exceptional value to shareholders.

Most recently, Andrew co-founded Atrum Group, an investment platform that operates globally across the technology, private equity, venture, and growth spaces.

Advisory Board

David Reuben

David Reuben is a well-known international investor, industrialist and philanthropist. David and his brother, Simon, were at one time the biggest foreign investors in the former Soviet Union and their company Trans World Group controlled 5% of the world’s aluminium output. Today, their business revolves around Real Estate, Private Equity and Venture Capital. Well known for their charitable contributions, they established the Reuben Foundation with an endowment of $100million.